Protect the ones that matter most with military life insurance. High quality, affordable forces life cover that is designed to make life financially easier for your loved ones if you are not there to pay the bills.

Our high-quality, specialist life cover is tailored to the needs of Army, Royal Air Force, Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel.

Why do you need military life insurance?

  • Peace of mind for you and your family
  • Your loved ones will be financially protected should anything happen to you
  • You can get cover in place for a set amount, such as the value of your mortgage
  • If you have military life insurance in place, the policy will cover you if you are deployed and the price will not change

What's covered?

  • Choose from the UK’s top 10 life insurers
  • Guaranteed fixed rates
  • Cover starts as soon as you apply
  • Terminal illness benefit
  • War risks included**
  • Different levels of cover available depending on your circumstances>
  • Add on critical illness cover

**Available with selected policies.

What is critical illness cover?

  • Optional cover that will pay out if you are diagnosed with a serious or critical illness
  • Offers you and your family financial support should you be unable to work
  • Covers conditions such as cancer, heart attacks, strokes and kidney failure
  • Most policies will include cover for your children

More details

Direct Life Military Insurance

We work with Direct Life to offer you the best prices for military life insurance. They exist to provide the best value protection policies and services to both consumers and professional advisers, upholding the highest standards of integrity, quality of service and innovation.

Choosing the right military life insurance cover

Through our Direct Life partner, you are able to protect you and your family in the event of your death, or if you were to suffer a critical or serious illness. Having life insurance in place gives you peace of mind that your loved ones are protected and looked after financially should the worst happen.
You can insure yourself on a level term basis (insuring yourself for a guaranteed sum of money) or on a decreasing basis (to cover a debt such as a repayment mortgage) based on your own personal circumstances and protection needs.

Additional Cover

Some of the insurers through Direct Life also offer the option to include additional cover. This can include covering fractures, increasing the number of critical illnesses, covering dependents (including covering dependents for serious illness) and hospital benefits.

Does the life insurance cover on and off duty?

Our Life insurance covers you on and off duty and when deployed. Exclusions may apply for critical illness.

How much life insurance cover do you need?

When thinking about your life insurance policy and the protection you need, it is useful to think about all your financial commitments including your mortgage, any dependents you support financially and any debts or outstanding loans. You might also like to consider if you would wish to leave a further sum to family in the event of your death.

How do I pay for military life insurance?

Payment for your military life insurance is normally made by monthly direct debit from your UK bank account – this system is tightly controlled and offers many guarantees for you. Collection is usually made on the first working day of each month.

How much does military life insurance cost?

Our military life insurance for those not due to go to an active theatre of operations in the near future is inexpensive and need not cost any more than a civilian of the same age.

Once the cover is in place if you are then subsequently posted to an area of conflict there will be no need to panic buy as your cover will already be in place.

Sample quotes

Service Personnel
29 year old non smoker
£200,000 life cover for 25 years
costs £7.54 per month*

Service Personnel
29 year old non smoker
£200,000 life cover and £30,000 critical illness cover for 25 years
costs £14.98 per month*

Quotes correct as of March 2020.

Keep your Military Life Insurance up to date with Trinity

It’s important to make sure your life insurance policy meets your current needs. If you have any big changes in your life such as having another child or moving house and increasing your mortgage, you need to ensure that your life insurance policy reflects this.

Making a claim

Once you have purchased a life insurance policy, you will receive all the necessary information you would need in the event of a claim. This would all be covered in the documentation you receive from the insurer that provides your policy.

Wondering if you need specialist Forces Insurance for your Life Insurance?

Trinity have been providing Forces Insurance for over 17 years and our policies have been designed to fulfil the needs of members of the Armed Forces.

Life insurance that isn’t designed for the military is unlikely to include cover should you be deployed or working in hazardous conditions.

These benefits are included as standard with life insurance policies offered by Trinity, alongside optional critical illness cover.

If you’re not sure whether to buy specialist cover, get in touch today on 01243 817777 or at, and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs.

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About Trinity Insurance

  • Our products are designed specifically for the Armed Forces Family
  • We operate under the time honoured military values; service, loyalty, integrity and trust
  • Over 20 years experience in the military insurance industry
  • Quality protection for great value
  • We will never sell you anything you don’t need
  • No hidden charges
  • Simple, straight forward process to buy online, over the phone or face to face
  • Experienced  team offering you support on base across the UK, Germany and Cyprus